In English

1. XXI Century Home

You’re in your cold room
With nothing to eat

Counting your last pennies at candle light
Cold wind blows in through the broken window

Somewhere there’s light
Somewhere there’s warmth
But not here

Your kids cry in the next room
When you take them food from wastebins

Worn out hanging rope hangs from the ceiling
And the illegal booze is spilled on the table.

Mafioso’s house erects at the neighbouring lot
Machine gun keeps you away from there

Social worker comes around from time to time.
Saying: „Go and live in the waste-dump.”

One day there’re men around
Your house is being pulled down

And you watch from the bush how the castle emerges
The 21st century home

2. Killennium

We came here
To destroy this planet
Fucking 2000 years of
the goddamned Jesus

But what a surprise!
We’re not destroying it
Its all screwed up anyway
We must arrange Killennium!


Half of you are hungry
And the others just don’t think
The ones that are instinctively
drawn to sports and beer

We promise bread to the poor
Along with vodka and shag
We’ll give them weapons
And show them the way!

Your culture is so weak:
Coca-Cola and huge tits
That we won’t even kill you
You’ll do it yourself

Let the poor eat themselves dead
While you drown in your blood
And we, in our silver ship
Get the fuck away from here.

3. Young and radical

I am a radical man
My nose is in powder
I sniff it in
And drink pure water
And I’ll dance until the end
This night

‘Cause I’m a radical man
And I dance like a savage
’cause I’m a radical man
And I don’t care

My friends DJs
Statute the goal of my life
When I become a dealer
I’ll buy some CDs to my car
And I’ll fuck you in my car
As long as I can.

It is 7 a.m.
I lie on the club floor
All my money and cards are gone
Where’s my vitamine?
Where’s my amphetamine?
Where’s my vitamine?

I’m a radical man
Oh I’ll get you
And I’ll take anything I can
Anything in fashion
And I’ll dance until the end

4. We Rob From Your Table

We’re hungover today
And the the conference hall is empty
10 men
Are making decisions over our bright future

We rob from your kitchen
You can eat your bland soup
We rob from your kitchen
You scrwed it up yourself

You think that you set yourself free through singing
You’ll pay us more and more
Our top management
Is taking a holiday for the money meant for you child’s kindergarten

Now there are 400 jerks wasting your money
As the white boat took us to the EU
On the door-step of the common Europe
Your grave has been dug.

In the name of corporate governing
We do not make any laws
To support the democratic illusion
We let you to elect us again and again

5. Through piss and feces

When you were born to this world
You were
a miserable
bloody stump
Your moter said:
„This baby is not mine”
She left you on the street
In the middle of the night

They picked you up
and wanted to grow you up to be a man
You were not up to it
You stayed away
Having walked through
this long path
You found your self
in a road-side gutter

When you were born to this world
You were
a child of the rich
in a posh cradle
Your mother loved you
bought you a car
Now you’re in a road-side gutter
a bloody stump!

We come to this world
Though piss and feces
We leave this world
Through piss and feces

In shit and piss

6. We Are Machines

You study international robbery
in the university
The parameters of your life
are saved on the hard disc

You want to own
and not feel
All things in your life
are just means

You try to conceal
Your emotions
Your nature
Works for you

And you wish that
Your life is in things
Don’t want to meet
Yourself and the Earth

You believe in logics
And know how to manipulate
You’re a beast
in a civilized body

And you think that
we are machines
And you think that
This is the way it is

Do you know
That you don’t have faith?
Do you know
That you don’t have hope
in youself?

7. Jesus Lexus

At last I’ve found myself
My inner self
And now I show
that I’m a man
A four wheeled god
Guides me through my ways
Only a few deserve my faith

I am a Jesus Lexus
Lord of the highways
I am a Jesus Lexus
Your God!

My exclusive bought items
Reflect my lifestyle
On the dance floor at night
All babes fall
Young ones envy me
Wish to be like me
I won’t let it happen
I’ll drive over them all

I run this country
Govern your values
My views are supported
By mass media
A four wheeled God
Guides me through my ways
Only a few deserve my faith
And you do not deserve me!

8. The Bearable Lightness of Not Being

I am your car
that left you on the road
I am your wife
That walked away from you with another guy

I am your boss
Who dislikes you
I am your TV
Which shows only soap

And you say that
You are above your life
And you say that
You are the master of the situation

I am your work
Which you have no escape from
I am your alarm clock
Which obliges you to wake up
I am the blind circle of your purposeful actions
I am the illusion of the meaningful life created for you

I am all those small lies
That you surround yourself with
I am in all things
That you don’t really need
I am the time
that finally passes you by
I am the price
for your being

9. Strangers

They live together,
Next to each other
But they feel cold
They are bound through this house
A child and dirty tableware

They live each others lives
They know nothing else
And amongst all this
They are strangers to themselves

Strangers, touch each other!
Strangers, feel each other!

They’re left with the TV
Grown-up children have left home
Together alone
They watch others’ lives.

When feelings become routine
And being together inevitable
It is not life
It is a prison

They sit behind computers
To touch others
There’s no warmth in it
They remain strangers

So years pass by
They’ve got nothing else
than non-existing someone
In virtual network

You stepped into my life
You opened a door
And I saw light
That passes through us

I live knowing
that I am alive
Once knowing you
We are no longer strangers.

10. Fraud of the Twin Towers

You knew that
Not all that glitters is gold
You moved to town
from countryside

You got a plaster house
in the swamp
And you thought
You were lucky

Three drops of blood
Confirming your loan
And good life

A few more years
of flooding happiness
And your own boss
Takes your girl

Your double house
Fell apart
It was built without foundation

The bank took your jeep
Your wife left you
You were fired
And started to drink

The paradise of borrowing
Has now ended
And you serve your neighbour

And when you finally understand
That the train has left
There’s no home
No land left

Fraud of the twin towers

11. Under the Clouds

Some crap is raining down
Which is far from water
Your calendulas faded on the flower bed
And your bread is full of poison

Your child’snose is running
Although it is summer
But it is not possible to plant
anythng at 5 degrees

And they lie to you day by day
That climate is warming
Without permission
Spill poison from airplanes

You won’t drink
water from your tap
You filter it
And air at home

And you know and you feel
That your country has let you go
And you know and you feel
That they’ve sold your life long ago

Here, under the clouds
Here, under the poison clouds

That are fed by alien planes
The air and skies of your homeland
Is a test-site of madness
And you’re the scapegoat

Your government no longer bothers
for your well-being
Because Rothchild and Goldman Sachs
Are the masters everywhere here

Your sight is poor
And you don’t hear well
And every breath makes you more sick
Because heavy metals are a part of you


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